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Good Ingredients & Suppliers

We're passionate about working with suppliers who have a passion for looking after their people and the planet, offer premium products and personal service. From the farm or processor, to our receiving team, and all the way through our kitchen, each ingredient is treated with the respect it deserves.
Here are just a few of our featured suppliers who align with our values.


We're working with Farm2You to provide for all of our milk and fresh cream. We love their enviro-focused philosophy as all their milk is delivered in large buckets, returned for reuse every week.

Here is a brief introduction from Tim, the founder of Farm2You.

"In early 2014 we purchased a 34Ha farm in heart of the beautiful KZN Midlands. Our vision was to establish a mixed farming operation with the primary purpose of training and creating employment opportunities in agriculture for persons with a disability. We currently train around 130 young adults per annum in accredited agricultural programmes. Our Dairy was established in 2017 with a view to creating a sustainable farming model in support of our learning and up-liftment programme."
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The Gourmet Greek

This family-run business, founded in 2012 in the heart of the KZN Midlands, won our hearts not only with the flavour and consistency of their range of award-winning youghurt and cheese, but their ethics and values as a business are astounding, their commitment to their local area, sourcing ingredients from neighbouring farmers and the passion and expertise that goes into every item produced is inspiring.
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Kirsten from Willowbridge Farm, along with her husband and two children, is farming some of the country's cluckiest chickens right in the heart of the KZN Midlands, in beautiful Mooi River. She has an undeniable passion for the ethical treatment of her chickens, raising them with love and treating them humanely.
We are so proud to be able to use 100% Free Range Chicken in 6 of our 8 chicken dishes. We are not able use Free Range chicken throughout all our chicken dishes due to supply issues, and those that are not specified as 100% Free Range still get up to 80% Free Range chicken whenever available. We are on the lookout for another Free Range Chicken supplier to be able to meet our growing demand. 
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Dargle Valley Pork

All the pork from Dargle Valley Pork comes directly from their farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands where their pigs are kept under humane conditions and are fed a protein-based hormone-free diet.
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An ethical business, creating agri-prenuers through the eco-system which is food. This wonderful business has realised the impact the food cycle has on our health boht individually and as a society, our economies as well as the planet, and aim to create links between ethical producers and conscious consumers to make a difference. We source all of our Bambara Groundnuts from them, and hope to utilise even more of their products in up and coming dishes we develop.
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The Fair Food Company

This not-for-profit food business based just outside Durban is pioneering a shared value model that seeks to grow good food, good farmers and viable agribusinesses that own part of their business, in an ethical and inclusive manner. With 56 employees, and an extended network of outgrower farmers and anchor farms it supports, it is a fantastic model showing growth in our agricultural sector.
We currently source all of our Edamame from their Edamame Programme, which are all locally grown, hand harvested and non-GMO.
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