About Us

Good Ingredients & Suppliers

We're passionate about working with suppliers who have a passion for looking after their people and the planet, offer premium products and personal service. From the farm or processor, to our receiving team, and all the way through our kitchen, each ingredient is treated with the respect it deserves. Here are some of our most used ingredients, and those that have the greatest impact on the earth.
We are proud to offer 100% Free Range chicken. This has been no easy feat, as we struggle to juggle the demands of being a small business where our demand for chicken has grown exponentially, while trying to work alongside ethical suppliers whose ethos revolves around sustainability & care. But we've managed to do it and are determined to make it last. Willowbridge Free Range Chicken is home to some of our country's cluckiest chickens right in the heart of the KZN Midlands. This team has an undeniable passion for the ethical treatment of her chickens, raising them with love and treating them humanely. 
We continue to use our local butcher, Ellis Park Butchery from right here in the heart of Durban North, for all of our beef needs. Their consistency & excellent service has meant a nine year long relationship we are proud of. They are now sourcing 100% Free Range beef from the award-winning Greenfields Free Range Farm in Mooi River, which has resulted in a remarkable improvement to the tenderness of our beef products.
We proudly source our pork products from the wonderful team at Dargle Valley Pork. This household name is synonymous with great quality and ethicsal farming practices, and they provide us with the highest quality pork products. Farmed locally here in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands their pigs are kept under humane conditions and are fed a protein-based hormone-free diet. 
All South African lamb is naturally free range.
Dairy Products
We use as much milk and cream as we can get our hands on, from the wonderful team at Farm2You based in the KZN Midlands. We love their enviro-focused philosophy as all their milk is delivered in large buckets, returned for reuse every week. Their vision is to establish a mixed farming operation with the primary purpose of training and creating employment opportunities in agriculture for persons with a disability. They currently train around 130 young adults per annum in accredited agricultural programmes.  

Most of our cheeses are sourced from the lovely family at Gourmet Greek.This family-run business, founded in 2012 in the heart of the KZN Midlands, won our hearts not only with the flavour and consistency of their range of award-winning yoghurt & cheeses, but their values as a business are astounding, their commitment to uplifting their local area, and their passion and expertise that goes into every item produced is inspiring.

Fresh Produce

Finding high quality & consistent fresh produce, which is grown ethically, sustainably & without the use of pesticides is a difficult task. We continue to search for suppliers with a similar ethos & set of values to us. Our fruit and vegetables are all sourced from local farmers and delivered to our kitchen a few times a week. We do not use organic fruit and veggies as it's too difficult for us to source the quantity we require & to ensure that we receive consistent high quality produce.
We obtain our veggies from The Veggie Shop in Assagay and The Housewives Market in the Bluff who both source from local farms around KZN.

All of our edamame beans are sourched through The Fair Food Company, a not-for-profit food business based just outside Durban that is pioneering a shared value model that seeks to grow good food, good farmers and viable agribusinesses that own part of their business, in an ethical and inclusive manner.