Braai - Loadshedding Friendly

Nothing Better than a Braai, and load shedding is no exception.
Whether you are lighting up some coals, or flicking on a gas braai, here are some dishes which work wonderfully on the braai. The final result might be slightly different to what you are used to in the oven or microwave, but should be just as delicious..

We have not provided specific heating instructions for each unique dish but instead trust you will totally be capable of winging it a little with us. Here are some basic instructions to follow should you wish to heat your meal on the braai.
- Allow the dish to defrost fully.
- Ensure the heat from your braai is not too hot and is not directly touching the meal. The heat should be hot, but you should be able to put your hand near the grid for a few seconds before needing to pull it away.
- Place the meal on the grid and close the braai lid to create the effect of an oven.
- Stir every 10 minutes or so, to get a feel for how your dish is heating and to avoid burning on the bottom or edges of the dish.
- You should be able to follow the time frame given for the oven heating instructions as a guideline.
- A small taste test will help ensure your dish is heated through.
- Every braai is unique, these are simple guidelines to help you understand heating We are Food meals on yours a little better.