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Recycling & Packaging

As the world takes a positive turn towards eliminating single use plastic, unnecessary packaging and general waste, here at We are Food we are doing our bit and trying to make effective, long-term changes wherever possible.
Recycling & Waste Management
Our waste management includes full disclosure of our water and electricity consumption, as well as waste and recycling figures by the gram. We believe that we can produce meals that are more efficient and that produce less waste than if you were to cook them yourself at home.
All recyclable cardboard, paper, tins, glass and plastic used in our kitchen, wherever possible, is cleaned, separated and collected by our local recyclers PAT Recycling. They even pay us back for all the recycling they collect. This money is used for internal team development and outings, so our staff are even more motivated to recycle.
We are also including recycling and waste management education and training with our staff, with specific targets and management level feedback based on performance.
As producers of high quality, ready-made meals for your freezer, we need good, strong, freezer grade packaging to extend our products shelf life (yay! less food waste) & safely travel from our kitchen to your door without being destroyed. This means we can’t yet eliminate all plastic and excess packaging, but we are constantly working towards greener packaging solutions.
Our cardboard boxes & meal sleeves are made from recycled paper, the coating is water-based & food grade compliant, & they are 100% recyclable. We are currently working with our label supplier to find the most environmentally friendly paper-based option which can also survive a few months in the freezer.
Our plastic tubs are BPA-free, heat resistant in the microwave & dishwasher safe. They can be safely reused and are 100% recyclable. They are PP #5.
Our aluminium foil containers are microwave & oven safe & 100% recyclable.
It might be surprising for you to read that aluminium foil containers are in fact microwaveble these days, but we assure you they are. Please note: Sparking may occur if foil is dented or damaged, foil touches side of microwave or your microwave is an older model. If in doubt, oven heat or decant.
Our paper & plastic carrier bags are recyclable or biodegradable. You can add them to your compost, just tear them up into small pieces.