About Us

How we do what we do

With 11 years' experience creating delightful frozen meals, and countless years producing family suppers and entertaining crowds of relatives at home, we certainly know a thing or two when it comes to feeding the ones we care about. There's nothing we love more than to be able to deliver all the flavour, passion and love of our frozen meals, directly to your door.
You won’t find any strange machinery replacing humans or funny ingredients you can’t pronounce in our kitchen .Instead you’ll find happy people doing what we do best, making food by hand with a whole lot of heart.
The concept is simple really. If everything you put in is great, the end product will be great, from sourcing ingredients from reliable suppliers, and prepping, cooking and packaging each dish with precision and care, we can confidently say we have made each meal with the same love and care we have when we cook for our own families.