About Us

Our Food

Freezing is Nature's Preservative
Our freezing process is such that maximum quality, flavour & longevity is locked into our dishes. We like to call this "Freshly Frozen", as our meals have been locked in time, & once heated are fresher than most ready-made meals you would find sitting on a grocery store shelf or in a hot deli. Freezing is nature’s best & most natural form of preserving food, so you won’t find any weird preservatives or additives in our meals.
Nutritional Info
Nutritional information is available for most of our dishes on our website and on meal labels. We are soon going to be working alongside dietitians in setting more mindful eating standards to see where our dishes can improve, & to make them even more nutritional for you & your family.
Vegetarian & Vegan
Our motivation behind going more green is fuelled by our desire to reduce our carbon footprint & waste as a business, as well as a demand from our customers. We have also found a new love for the flavours we're discovering in the simplest of veggies. Who knew roasted cauliflowers in a coconut curry could be so delicious? We're challenging our kitchen with every new dish we develop, as well as challenging every customer to be a little more green, and in doing so we're encouraging families and individuals to benefit their health, the earth and their pockets.
"We believe we dont need a handful of people being perfectly sustainable, instead we need millions of people doing it imperfectly."
This is our motivation behind promoting a Flexitarian LIfestyle; where plant-based eating is encouraged, while animal-based products are still allowed. It has been estimated that more than 50% of the world's inhabitants have considered a vegetarian or vegan diet, but knowledge, accessibility and general skill stop most from pursuing this completely, or at all. An increase in plant-based eating will have a positive effect on our carbon footprint, the fair treatment of animals and increased nourishment of more humans.
Low Carb
Our Low Carb range has always been well received, as a high protein, veggie rich & moderate fat meal option for those looking for a healthy lunch or dinner. We don’t make any claims for our customers to follow a specific diet, but rather want to offer an option which is well balanced, & crammed full of the good stuff. All of our Low Carb meals contain less than 10g carbs per 100g.
Vegetables & Fruit
Our fruit and vegetables are all sourced from local farmers and delivered to our kitchen a few times a week. We do not use organic fruit and veggies as it's too difficult for us to source the quantity we require & to ensure that we receive consistent high quality produce.
Free-Range Meat
We are working towards using only free-range meat by 2021. Currently about 75% of our chicken is free-range, and all of our pork is free range. We're passionate about working with local farmers who can supply us with high quality produce.
Less Salt
We have reduced the salt content of our meals by using a couple of great products. Oryx Desert Salt is naturally sundried, unrefined & free of preservatives & additives, and Massel Stock Powder is vegan, all natural, organic & GMO-free. Both of these additions are so flavourful that we have been able to reduce the amount of salt used, & thus reduce the sodium levels in our food.
Less Sugar
We have totally removed sugar from all of our savoury meals serving one and four. Our meals are naturally sweetened from the selection of natural ingredients we use.