About Us

Our Core Values

We are immensely proud of our core values as a business. We took quite some time to put them into words, but once we decided on them we feel that they truly represent who we are and who we strive to be as a business with difference. These are guiding principles which help us to make difficult (and sometimes seemingly easy) decisions, ensuring we stay on track with our true vision as a business within our team, and our greater community.

We try to take time annually to work through these values, and ensure they still hold true to our mission; of communal benefit through a business determined to do good. On an annual basis we work through these core values and create a fresh set of guiding principle for the year to ensure that we remain relevant, and true to our mission of being a business determined to do go.

Honesty and transparency, above all else. This means making sure we are ready to take responsibility for our actions and are open to constructive feedback

Intrinsically to be people-minded at our core. Building a culture of respect, trust and encouragement for others from within, as well as a promise to invest in future generations and lead our community as a business determined to do good. 

With exceptional service and personal connection as a minimum requirement in all communication with our customers. A promise to our customers of love and care in every meal produced in our kitchens.

To maintain the highest possible standards through every step of our process. This includes using premium, locally-sourced ingredients, maintaining consistency and care in our production, ensuring the strictest hygiene protocols and ongoing training in line with health standards, and the promise to constantly press forward into new innovations to ensure our offering is exceptional.

We strive to achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do, encourage personal and professional development throughout our team, and drive our business to be a front runner in our industry.