About Us

Our Kitchen


And much like the arrivals at the airport, our receiving section is busy all day, with the freshest ingredients arriving from our carefully selected suppliers. Our Receiving Team are like customs patrol, checking the quality of every item that arrives, ensuring it meets our standards and is stored in the best possible conditions to maintain its integrity. (fruit & veg sketch)

Prep, Prep, Chop, Chop…

Our Prepping section has the hum of a busy bee’s nest as our team of skilled preppers chop, peel and grate to the background noise of happy chatter. This is the section where carrots are julienned (that’s a long skinny carrot stick), potatoes are peeled for their mashing debut, and chicken cubes are settled in their marinade for the night. (knives and peels sketch)

The Heat

While each department of our kitchen has its own levels of excitement, most will agree, the Hot Kitchen is where our team brings the heat! Our team of talented chefs use mega Tilt Pans to cook sauces to perfection, braise meat until it its oh-so tender, and cook our famous curries. Every item that passes through our hot kitchen is seasoned and taste tested by no less than 3 members of the team. Team work makes the dream work! (pots & pans)OR (flames sketch)

Prep, Prep, Dishing Up

Just like you might finish off a layered lasagne at home, our dishing up team do it the same way, just with many more hands and with a lot more speed and efficiency, and a keen eye for detail! You wont find any crazy machinery here, just ladles and spoons, scoops and human hands at work! This is where final touches are made, crucial last quality control on the meals are done and meals or finished off before heading off for the big final chill! (ladles and spoons sketch or scales sketch)


Our freezing process is such that maximum quality, flavour and longevity is locked into our precious dishes. We like to call it Freshly Frozen, as we truly believe our meals which have been “locked in time”, once heated are fresher than most you would find sitting fresh on a shelf or hot in a deli. Freezing is nature’s best and most natural form or preserving, so you won’t find any weird preservatives here, just a Yeti-like team keeping our freezer in tip-top shape. (little yeti pictures, holding boxes if possible?? sketch)