About Us

Our Marvellous Team

You say Human Resources… We say Team of Marvellous People. And as any good chef knows, happy hands make happy food. So we strive to keep our kitchen a happy, tranquil place (as tranquil as a hot kitchen can be, hey Gordon?) We believe feedback is integral in the personal and professional development of every human, and are so proud of our feedback systems. 
Part of our vision as a company is the impact we can make on People (as well as Planet and Profit as a business) and we see our team here at We are Food as our first port of call when it comes to changing lives.
We work closely with Kim Worman, from the B Business company, who does ongoing staff training and self development with our entire team. This is outside of the usual safety and kitchen training, more of a ignition of their full potential. It is something we love, and it is something we are unwavering in when comes to our business.
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