Stove Top - Loadshedding Friendly

Here are some dishes which heat fabulously on the stove top, whether you are lucky enough to have electricity 24/7 thanks to solar, or have the option of a gas stove or a simple gas camping cooker.

We have numerous dishes which will heat wonderfully. The final result might be slightly different to what you are used to in the oven or microwave, but should be just as delicious.

We have not provided specific heating instructions for each unique dish but instead trust you will totally be capable of winging it a little with us. Here are some basic instructions to follow should you wish to heat your meal on the stove top.
- Allow the dish to defrost fully.
- For saucy dishes like curries or stews use a pot. For patties, fish cakes, pastas and other bakes use a non-stick pan.
- Start with a low heat and ensure you stir or flip frequently to avoid burning. Cooking on the stove top requires TLC.
- A small taste test will help ensure your dish is heated through.
- Every stove top is unique, these are simple guidelines to help you understand heating We are Food meals on yours a little better.