About Us

Our Mission Statement

We are Food is an owner-operated proudly Durban-based business, providing marvellous meals for your freezer around South Africa.
We are a passionate team with one big goal; to make world-class food while building a sustainable business.
We are your solution. Remarkable ready made meals delivered to your door!
We are determined to:
  • Reduce our consumption
    How can we as a company and as a team of humans in our community, improve recycling, reduce wastage, decrease power consumption and continually search for more sustainable practices. We want to encourage and unite with fellow businesses in our industry in an effort to make progress as a larger force for good.
  • Improve our nutritional offering
    Keeping ingredient quality and integrity as the guiding light in all that we do. Ensuring our meals offer maximum nutrition through the ingredients and processes used throughout our kitchen, which we feel is the best way to honour the earth and what it produces for us. 
  • Support small, local suppliers
    This is a two-fold benefit as not only does it align with our passion to support our local economy and create jobs in South Africa. But by buying as local as possible to our kitchen we are also lowering our carbon footprint and supporting sustainable agricultural methods within our vicinity. 
  • Treat our team with respect and pay them according to their efforts and living needs
    Our team, their pay and the way in which we respect them as humans, is something we are non-negotiable about. On a human-level we believe vehemently in the true compensation to someone for the skill and effort they put into a day's work. On a business-level we have seen first-hand how the respectful treatment and payment of a fair, living way to a team member can ensure people are as passionate about your business as you are.
  • Uplift those in need within our community
    We realise the power of a business, within its' community, to drive real change to the most vulnerable around us. While NGO's, churches and the government have a part to play, we truly believe it is one of the core duties of a business to uplift, support and encourage those around us.