About Us

Shopping small, shopping local

You may have hear that;

“Everytime you support a small business, an actual person does a little dance”

and we couldn’t agree more. Here at We are Food we believe strongly in this, and hope we can inspire and promote a spirit of supporting local enterprises to uplift our local communities and build our national economy. Shopping locally is better all round. Better for the environment (less travel miles, fewer emissions, more sustainable, local raw materials) better for minimising poverty in your community (job creation, more education, less crime) and increased economic, creative & intellectual growth.

So we’ll continue to stand on our soap box and sing this song, shop as local as you can, question your suppliers, strive for better and let every cent you spend be a vote for a community you want.

Sindi at our Glenashley Store

Marc, Leigh, Amy & Jane at our Parkhurst Store Opening in 2018