Vegetarian Value Pack

Our Vegetarian Value Pack includes 15 freezer staples to ensure that shopping for meals is quick and easy.  Perfect for flexitarians, vegetarians or as a nourishing gift for a loved one. This pack combines our favourite herbivore meals for, all delivered frozen in our reusable cooler bag to heat enjoy at your convenience. 

This pack includes:

Butternut Soup (500ml)          1

Hearty Veg Soup (500ml)       1

Chipotle Bean Patty Serves 2 (180g)              1

Basmati Rice Serves 2 (250g)             1

Creamed Spinach Serves 2 (250g)  1

Mashed Butternut Serves 2 (250g)  1

Israeli Cous Cous Salad  Serves 2 (250g)    1

Chickpea & Roasted Veg Korma Serves 1 (300g)   1

Lentil & Butternut Bobotie Serves 1 (320g) 1

Melanzane Bake Serves 1 (300g)      1

Moroccan Veggie Pie Serves 1 (350g)            1

Paneer Tikka Masala Serves 1 (280g)             1

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Serves 1 (350g)        1

Thai Red Veggie Curry Serves 1 (280g)          1

Vegetable Lasagne Serves 1 (350g)                 1

We are Food Viro Cooler Bag               1

Delivered in our handy, reusable We are Food Cooler Bag.

*It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we may need to substitute some of the meals in this pack due to menu changes, but we’ll ensure they are still from same range.

Serves 1
  • Regular price R 1,030.00