Favourite's Value Pack

This pack includes 16 of our absolute favourite's, our best sellers, the mains and sides we are certain you'll love time and time again. This carefully curated selection of meals in the perfect freezer filler if you need a reliable gift for someone you love, or just want to fill up your own freezer with a stash you will love.

What’s included in the Pack?

Hearty Veg Soup (500ml)       1

Chipotle Bean Patties Serves 2 (180g)          1

Thai Fish Cakes Serves 2 (175g)        1

Bacon Mac n Cheese Serves (350g)               1

Beef Lasagne Serves 1 (350g)             1

Butter Chicken Serves 1 (280g)         1

Chicken Parmigiana Serves 1 (350g)              1

Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pie Serves 1 (350g)               1

Cottage Pie Serves 1 (320g) 1

Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pasta Serves 1 (300g)   1

Lamb Moussaka Serves 1 (320g)      1

Lentil & Butternut Bobotie Serves 1 (320g) 1

Smoky Mexican Pulled Pork Serves 1 (320g)             1

Spaghetti Bolognaise Serves 1 (300g)           1

Thai Green Chicken Curry Serves 1 (280g) 1

Vegetable Lasagne Serves 1 (350g)                 1

We are Food Viro Cooler Bag               1

Delivered in our handy, reusable We are Food Viro Cooler Bag.

*It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we may need to substitute some of the meals in this pack due to menu changes, but we’ll ensure they are still from same range.

Serves 1
  • Regular price R 1,295.00