Kirsten Alcock - Willowbridge Free Range Chickens Owner

I have been supplying chicken to We are Food since February 2020, so technically I am a new supplier. They are an extremely community-based company, hiring and up-skilling people from the local communities. This was made evident from day one. They also have various programmes in place to assist feeding the less fortunate, aside from their frozen food business.

They take predominantly chicken pieces and fillets and order in bulk, and are quickly becoming one of our larger clients. Thus, the loss of their business would mean I, in turn, would employ less staff members in order to fulfill their orders. We too, use local community members, and in a time like this where work is scarce, it would mean less money going back to the homes of the families our staff are supporting. The ripple effect is not what we would want.

Sarah Walters

Once a week I order frozen meals and they are delivered to my 80 year old father. He lives on his own in the Kloof area and does not drive so he is unable to get to the supermarket, and unable to cook a meal without help.

My fathers health and wellbeing is completely reliant on the weekly meals he receives as I live in Johannesburg and am unable to assist him.


Dee Fell

I just wanted to thank you and all at We are Food, for the life saving service that you have provided for so many years for my Mom and especially during the lockdown of COVID-19.

My Mom is 92 years old now and as you know lives independently at Riverside Retirement Village. She is mentally strong but physically very frail and can hardly walk, even with her walker and so if she did not have your frozen meal delivery every week, there is no way she could eat and hence survive. She is unable to even boil an egg and if she tried, she would fall and damage herself badly, if not fatally.

So I would just like you and the rest of you at We are Food to know how much you are appreciated. My Mom calls you her Guardian Angels! 


Deborah Diana

I am totally indebted and so grateful for the healthy meals provided by We are Food. My mother, who is 88 and has severe mobility issues and who lives alone, is totally dependent on her weekly meal delivery. Thank you for the wonderful service and delicious meals. I would be totally lost without you

Ndoni Khanyile 

I have a new baby and a three year old at home and I don’t know what I would have done without your service. I think it’s a lot to expect parents to work, parent and homeschool full time with no assistance when it comes to healthy food prep.

Please let me know if you still operating and I will place another order just in case as it seems like the criteria will continue to be revised.

Thanks again for your amazing business and hope you are all coping in these extraordinary times.


Kate Rethman 

Dear Jane and your fabulous team

I just wanted to reach out to say a huge thank you for your amazing help this week. My Mum lives alone in Durban, and I am based in Cape Town. She fell quite ill this week with a kidney infection, leaving me feeling distressed beyond measure, as she couldn't get out to the shops, let alone cook for herself. I placed an order with you which you responded to so quickly, delivering her some delicious essential meals to get her though the next few days. My Mum was super impressed with the extra cautionary measures taken at the time of delivery, so thank you for going above and beyond in this regard. During these difficult times of the lock-down, with limitations on movements and me not being able to fly up to Durban to help my Mum, leaves me feeling incredibly grateful for your services, so thank you! 



Ainsleigh Ingle 

Absolutely LOVED our selection of delicious cooked goods. I arrived in SA a few hours before the country went on lockdown, and as I was in quarantine I was not able to go to the shop for essential items. This was the BEST option for my family and we were able to get nutritious cooked meals within a few clicks. Worry and stress free. Thank you We Are Food team - you have yourself a loyal customer.


Katarzyna Wroblewska 

So grateful that have had your meals comforting and sustaining me during the Covid-19 lockdown - THANK YOU!


Eirwen Oswald

My parents love all of your meals. It has been a godsend knowing that they are eating everyday with my mom being so ill. Is there anyway that you can do ONE delivery to them during lockdown? I am so worried about them running out of food. 


Anne-Marie Rencken 

For the twenty-one-day Lock Down I added the Low Carb to the vegetarian to ensure I have two frozen dishes a day. I just returned from a long stay with my one daughter in the UK. so fridge, freezer and cupboards were bare and I went in voluntary isolation for two weeks. so now time for shopping. Fortunately kind friends left me with some basics. These meals are a delight. Well prepared and presented. And above all, tasty and filling. Thank you for this service. Keep up the good work in keeping us healthy. Look after yourself. wash hands and hunker down.


Trish Bruniquel 


Thank you so much for delivering my order to my sister. She is partly disabled and lives alone so lockdown is particularly difficult for her. It helps to know that she is able to eat healthy and delicious meals during this difficult time.

Thank you for what you do.