At We are Food our primary focus is to maintain the safety of our team members and customers.

We have created a working policy where we are trying to balance our public responsibility while ensuring that our business remains stable. We will continue to update you with any changes.

 We are Food Kitchen

  • We have introduced split shifts to reduce the interaction between team members in the kitchen. 
  • Staff health screening takes place twice daily whereby a digital thermometer is used to record the temperature of each staff member to identify any potential symptoms very early and take the necessary action to avoid any contact situations. Anyone displaying symptoms will be sent home immediately and advised to seek the necessary medical assistance.
  • Symptom checks are done daily, as well as ongoing education of coronavirus symptoms and government protocols
  • Staff are reminded to wash their hands every 20 minutes.
  • The kitchen is deep cleaned regularly by Integrated Pest solutions using antibacterial, food-safe chemicals.
  • Our staff have continuous health and food safety training on the most stringent safe hygiene measures and they have all been given the option to get the flu injection.
  • We only make use of HACCP approved cleaning chemicals from our trusted supplier Geochem.
  • Our objective is to ensure that we can continue to operate our business as optimally as possible, so that we can fully support our team if they need to take time off.

  We are Food Stores

  • Our retail assistants have been trained on safe hygiene measures.
  • Stores are equipped with medical grade sanitiser for the use of staff and customers.
  • Retail assistants will maintain social distancing which will include ensuring customers swipe or tap their own credit cards and encourage the use of touchless payment systems such as Zapper. 
  • Retailer assistants continually wipe down point of sale surfaces and baskets after every transaction, as well as continually sanitise all surfaces.
  • Trading hours may change if our staff are at risk or if we need to adjust due to any operational limitations. We will do our best to update customers timeously on these changes.

 We are Food Customers

  • Trading hours and delivery schedules may be impacted due to logistical challenges that we face and we request that you are patient and flexible as we may need to remain as agile as possible so that we can make necessary changes to ensure continuous operations.
  • We will also continue to offer Click and Collect as an option for customers to order online for contact-free collection from one of our depots.

 We are Food Retailers

  • We are continuing to stock all of our retailers with our favourite dishes. Please contact your nearest retailer if you'd like more details.

 We are Food Suppliers

  • We endeavour to continue to support our small, local suppliers as this is when they need support the most.
  • Furthermore, we will commit to pay as many of them as possible, on invoice rather than utilising our approved payment terms to assist them with their cash flow in their time of need.

 We are committed to continue to deal with this crisis as proactively as possible.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the individuals who are affected, and businesses whose trade has been heavily impacted.