We have achieved our GFSI Certification

Our kitchen is now GFSI Basic Certified which means we have strict controls and regulations in place to ensure a consistently high quality product you can trust with every single batch we produce.

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) provides a framework for benchmarking food safety management schemes to ensure that they meet internationally recognised food safety standards. This includes;

  1. Documented food safety management system, including policies, procedures, and records of activities.
  2. Management commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of the food produced.
  3. Communication with suppliers and customers, to ensure that food safety requirements are understood and met.
  4. Training and awareness of all employees in relation to food safety.
  5. Control of food safety hazards where measures are in place to control food safety hazards, including physical, chemical, and biological hazards.
  6. Monitoring and verification to ensure its effectiveness.
  7. Continuous improvement by continually reviewing and improving processes to ensure that it remains effective in controlling food safety hazards.

Find out more about the internationally-recognised GFSI