Virtual Kitchen Collab powered by We are Food Launches

What do we do?

Virtual Kitchen Collab collaborates with your brand to bring products to your consumers & showcase meal solutions which spotlight your products in a unique way. 

We offer a seamless, turnkey solution:

  • Customised recipe development 
    • From chefs with 10 years of frozen meal development experience
  • Meal production
    • Bespoke tailor-made packages to suit your needs
  • Packaging & Branding
    • Select simple yet effective packaging options to total customisation that you require
  • Styling, Photography & Videography
    • Of customised meals
  • Customer Liaison & Distribution 
    • Direct to customer 
    • Mass distribution (events, in store)
    • Through We are Food customer base as samples


  • Brand Activation Sampling 
  • Brand Subscription Boxes
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Brand Partnerships

What sets us apart?

  • Virtual Kitchen Collective is powered by We are Food who have been producing rather extraordinary meals for freezers since 2013. Our track record of offering high quality, blast frozen meals for nearly a decade, means that we have built a solid and loyal customer base who love to eat our food as much as we enjoy cooking it.
  • We manage the entire value chain, from deliberate ingredient sourcing, to internal production of meals in our kitchen, and direct distribution to our loyal customer base nationwide.
  • We maintain the strictest food safety and hygiene protocols, with traceability available on our meals.
  • Frozen is fresher than fresh. Our freezing process is such that maximum quality, flavour and longevity is locked into our precious dishes. We call it Freshly Frozen, as our meals have been “locked in time”, and once heated are fresher than most ready-made meals you would find sitting on a fridge shelf or in a warm deli. Freezing is nature’s best and most natural form of preserving food.

 Our Clients

  • Royco December 2023 - We reimagined the way in which Royco reaches their consumers at home, with an innovative frozen meal.
    You can read more about this here.