New Mum Value Pack

A bundle of joy for new parents expecting their own little bundle to arrive!

We've lovingly put together a pack of our favourite, protein, calcium & energy rich meals for two from We are Food, along with a delicious Mrs Milk Variety Pack of 10 lactation bars. The perfect gift for a expectant mum, or new parents to see them through those first few eventful weeks, and months, of a newborns life.

Did you know less than 2% of South Africans breastfeed? Challenges facing new mum's today make this seemingly simple task a massive hurdle in those first few weeks. Mum's feel the pressure to juggle so many roles. So with a little help from We are Food & Mrs Milk we hope we can ease some of that pressure, giving Mum & Dad the time and space to nurture their relationship with their new baby.

Mrs Milk bars have been developed to give a breastfeeding mum a wholesome treat of natural ingredients to help with breastmilk production. This Variety Pack includes 10 x Dark Chocolate Bars. They combine dairy free dark chocolate, coconut oil, a variety of seeds & psyllium husk powder. Read more about Mrs Milk and her range on offer at

The New Mum Value Pack includes

2              Beef Lasagne
2              Butter Chicken Curry
2              Butternut Laksa Vegan Bowl
2              Cottage Pie
2              Creamy Sundried Tomato Chicken
2              Hearty Veg Soup
2              Lentil & Butternut Bobotie
2              Melanzane Bake
2              Brown Rice & Lentils
1              Mrs Milk 10 Variety Pack
1              Cooler Bag

*It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we may need to substitute some of the meals in this pack due to menu changes, but we’ll ensure they are still from same range.

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