Low Carb Value Pack

This pack contains 19 of our favourite low carb items, all delivered frozen so that you can defrost and enjoy at your convenience, and all packaged for you in our We are Food cooler.

The carbs are curbed with less than 10g carbs per 100g, veggies are abundant & flavour is full. 
2              Mashed Butternut
1              Butternut Soup
1              Chicken & Corn Soup
1              Beef Stroganoff
1              Butter Chicken
1              Chicken a la King
1              Coconut Beef Masala
1              Country Chicken Bake
1              Durban Lamb Curry
1              Hearty Veg Soup
1              Italian Pomodoro Meatballs 
1              Low Carb Beef Lasagne
1              Melanzane Bake
1              Paneer Tikka Masala
1              Thai Red Veggie Curry
1              Thai Green Chicken Curry
2              Choc Coconut Cheesecake
1              Viro Cooler Bag
Delivered in our handy, reusable We are Food Cooler Bag.

*It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we may need to substitute some of the meals in this pack due to menu changes, but we’ll ensure they are still from same range.

Serves 1
  • Regular price R 1,320.00