About Us

What burns our bunsens

Every year we seem to tweak and rework our guiding principles, as with any growing and developing being, they are ever-evolving. This year we spent quite some time digging deep into what really drives us here at We are Food, besides our love for all things delicious. We kept coming back to the same question “What is our purpose?”


And so, for 2020, we have steered our focus onto purpose with the following 3 words:
This is a word which we feel runs through each aspect of our business. In light of our food, we want to be mindful in the ingredients we use, the suppliers we begin relationships with, the products we are creating for our customers and the experience we hope they achieve. In all things we want to be mindful of our impact on the earth, how we can positively affect all the people we come into contact with (suppliers and customers alike as our business depends on a positive relationship with all parties), and how we can be a vessel to do good, through great food and an honest company.
We’re a company of people unafraid to speak up and have a point of view! In this “treacherous” economy with negativity about our country and its future, we find it even more poignant than ever to stand up on that soap box and speak with positivity, take big, scary steps to go against the grain, and move in the direction of the great business we are certain We are Food is becoming. We truly believe we aren’t only building a business to make profit, but one to use as a vessel to do good. And we want 2020 to be the year of standing up unafraid to make this declaration.
As a business, with a drive to do good, we see our main port of call as our influence and interaction with our community, both in a micro and macro sense;
  • How can our stores become a place where community feels welcome?
  • How can our business be a driver for good throughout the disadvantaged communities of South Africa?
  • How can we continue to uplift the team members that work within our business?
  • How can we ensure our customers feel like part of the We are Food family, and that our values and decisions reflect all the good things they believe in too?
In each aspect of our business we want to be community-minded.