About Us Old

We are Food is a family-run, female-strong, proudly South African business, providing marvellous home-style meals for your freezer since 2013. We cook up delightful dishes from our kitchen in Durban, and meals are available in our stores and through deliveries around KZN, Gauteng and Cape Town.
We are a passionate team with an equal love of eating delicious food and feeding those we love. We share a common goal; to make world-class food while building a thriving business that can make a difference in the environment, our community and the lives of our team. (Pictured: Amy, Didee & Jane)

Our Vision

We have a simple goal, to build a company with longevity, and leave a legacy... a well-run, honest and people-focused business which will outlive us all. We aren’t trend-setters but instead we believe in quality, great service, slow-cooking and eating with enjoyment. Our hope is that you too can experience all these things we love when you place your first We are Food meal into the oven, and sit back to enjoy.

We aim to revolutionise how customers cook and entertain, without compromise; while providing a positive social and environmental impact within our community.


Our Food

With our broad and bountiful menu of over 100 menu items, we aim to revolutionise the way you cook and entertain, allowing you the freedom to still do this in your own kitchen, without any of the fuss, waste or stress that comes with the dreaded task of cooking at home. This is a task we simply adore… coming up with new and exciting, scrummy dishes for our menu.

Our customers can stock up their freezers for any occasion, whether it be a simple family dinner, a weekend of entertaining or even catering for your entire Christmas feast! We aim to offer the highest quality meals at your convenience, with no added preservatives or bizarre, unheard of cooking methods. Our food is made just the way you would make it, using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home.

Our Kitchen

We pride ourselves in a hands-on approach, leaving human tasks to humans because food always tastes better with a little TLC.

Every stage of our process, from ingredient selection and quality-control, weighing and measuring for recipes, prepping, cooking and dishing up is done by hand by passionate, patient and well-trained individuals.

Our freezing processes follow a method we are extremely proud of. We have literally scoured the globe to find the right method for preserving our meals, and we truly believe we have achieved this, while still maintaining a remarkable flavour and quality. We love our kitchen, and you will too. Get in touch and we can organise a tour for you and some friends.

Our People

At We are Food we see business as a two-prong opportunity. Not only as an important part of our local economy, creating jobs within and around us as a result of good business practices, but we also see a well-run business as the ideal vessel to do good. We are extremely passionate about this country, and the role business plays in its’ future growth.

We view our business as a chance to be a positive influence, from feeding schemes, staff upliftment, community fundraisers and future generation programmes, we love the platform we have been given to reach out.

Our Freshly Frozen Guarantee

We believe in honesty and integrity in business, and we’re not just saying this because it sounds good. We truly strive to build a business where we not only follow good business practices, produce a good, honest product we can be proud of, but also treat our staff, suppliers and customers with the respect and kindness we hope to see spread throughout our community.

We are so proud of the products we are able to create in our kitchens, from inception to production each process is well thought out, practiced, monitored and done with absolute care for the sake of our customers and the longevity of our business.

Our “Freshly-Frozen Guarantee” allows you, our customer, to put complete trust in us to treat your meal, from the minute it arrives in our kitchen as a raw ingredient to when we hand it over to you, with the love and care it deserves as a meal for your family.

Our Packaging

As we provide a meal solution that offers convenience, we can't yet obliterate packaging from our product range, however we're up for the challenge to reuse as much as we can, and work towards ensuring that the packaging we make use of is recycled or recyclable.

Our plastic tubs are BPA-free, heat resistant in the microwave and dishwasher safe They can be safely reused and are 100% recyclable. (PP #5).

Our aluminium foil containers are microwave and oven safe and 100% recyclable.

Our cardboard boxes and meal sleeves are made from recycled paper, the coating is water-based and food grade compliant, and they are 100% recyclable (just be sure to remove the plastic label before you recycle them).

Our paper carrier bags are biodegradable.