Vegan Value Pack

Our range of vegan dishes consist of ingredients made from scratch, you wont find any weird pre-made sauces or additives here, just healthy, hearty meals!

Our Vegan Value Pack contains 24 items, all delivered frozen so that you can defrost and enjoy at your convenience.

In this Value Pack you will get:
2              Bombay Potatoes & Peas
2              Brown Rice & Lentils
2              Coconut Curried Lentils
2              Israeli Cous Cous Salad
2              Mashed Butternut
2              Hearty Veg Soup
2              Chickpea & Roasted Veg Korma
2              Chipotle Bean Patties
2              Mexican Bean & Veg Chilli
2              Moroccan Veggie Pie
2              Thai Red Veggie Curry
2              Thai Yellow Veg & Grain Curry
1              Viro Cooler Bag
Delivered in our handy, reusable We are Food Cooler Bag.

*It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we may need to substitute some of the meals in this pack due to menu changes, but we’ll ensure they are still from same range.

  • Regular price R 1,265.00